Our diabetes product lines are positioned to address the massive

global diabetes industry, and would immediately impact and dominate this market. Collectively, our products & services will touch and enrich the lives of everyone around the world.


     We are driven by a singular focus on strategic growth and revenue

that prioritizes our efforts and endeavors. To manage and execute

operations effectively on such a large range of products & services, we have developed proprietary Innovative Matrix Management Systems.


     IPG employs three distinct, and at times, concurrent revenue

models: (i) building new ecosystems that support our product lines,

(ii) building successful enterprises and then spinning them o, and

(iii) outright licensing.


     IPG plans to file for a major international Initial Public Offering (IPO), to introduce dozens of leading edge proprietary products, services and solutions, across multiple global technology markets.


     Steve Jobs was a hero to many, and mine as well; few people have

single-handedly changed the world. We walk in his path and invite you to join us, as we build an enterprise without peer, shaping the future promise of global technology markets.



Tara Chand Esq. BSEE (IITD), MSSE, CISSP

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive


Products Overview

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