Due Diligence Agreement

     This agreement contains a good faith investor, escrow deposit, and confidentiality agreement  between Internet Promise Group (IPG) Inc. a California corporation with a corporate  address; 21250 Hawthorne Blvd. Suite 500, Hawthorne, CA 90503 and a potential SEC Rule 506 Regulation D Accredited Investor [Investor] in IPG identified as:



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    This due diligence good faith agreement is to facilitate a mutual due diligence process between IPG and the potential investor identified above. After a good faith deposit has been made and potential investor had signed this serious good faith investor agreement, we are then obligated to engage in full disclosure to the potential investor to help the potential investor make informed investment decisions.


    These disclosures include (i) our detailed prospectus, prepared for subsequent S1 filing, (ii) our first to market product videos currently completed and in the making, (iii) our business and technical plans for the first three products to the market and (iv) no-holds barred question answer sessions with a group of potential serious investors.


As a part of this agreement, I, a potential Investor, represent as follows:


  1. I  am  the  person, as above, and am not acting  as proxy  for  someone else, am not a journalist and neither affiliated with any part of the media.
  2. I have good faith interest in becoming an investor at a time of my own choosing. I am considered  an  Accredited  Investor  under  SEC Rule 506, Regulation D and possess sufficient funds to meet the minimum investment  objective of 5 to 100 million dollars.
  3. I have good faith interest in helping IPG succeed in other ways, including playing executive and advisory roles and would hold any information provided to me in utmost confidence. If I wish to bring in or introduce other potential SEC Rule 506, Reg. D Accredited Investors, I will first seek permission from IPG and identify additional potential investors.




     A deposit of $5000 is required to participate in the due diligence process, of which $4500 is refundable when you make an irrevocable decision in writing not to invest and such a decision is made after six months.




     Funds you provide us under this agreement would be held in a separate escrow account at Wells Fargo Bank with the escrow agreement as herein:


  1. After you have signed this agreement, the agreement is effective on the date you make the good faith deposit of $5000.00.
  2. Deposit funds will be accepted  by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or by check mailed to IPG Corp. and made out to IPG Escrow. We would provide this information upon verification of your completed Due Diligence Agreement. 
  3. If you choose to invest then we will enter into a negotiation for the terms of your investment
  4. If you choose not to invest after at least six months of the deposit, you may submit a written refund request to IPG at the aforementioned address. Upon receipt of your written request, IPG will forward the request to WFB to initiate  a reverse transfer to your account the full amount of your good faith deposit, minus a processing fee of 10%.




  1.  I, the potential Investor, agree to hold, without any mental reservation of any type, any digital and oral information content provided to me by IPG in confidence exclusively for the due diligence until IPG chooses to make it public, and is being provided to me exclusively for due diligence purposes for making my own investment decisions.
  2. If I breach this agreement, IPG is entitled the full extent of the law under the Federal Trade Secret  Act to pursue all remedies, including  injunction  and money damages.  In case damages are difficult to ascertain, a clause for liquidated damages would be agreed to.



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